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Leaving Kansas

Written my final day in Lawrence, Kansas: January 31, 2014 Lawrence, you saucy little minx. I moved back here with my baby, and our temporary stay accidentally lasted 17 years. Thanks for helping me raise my beautiful girl, for the wonderful eclectic mix of creative and brilliant friends, for the top-notch collection of artists and […]


Dripped coffee

As the barista artistically made my drip coffee this morning at Central Market, he told me how I’d notice hints of brown sugar and citrus in the freshly roasted local brew, and he described the roasting process used by PT’s in Kansas City, sharing his admiration for their blends. Meanwhile, I’m picturing our future together […]

Open letter to my daughter’s high school programming teacher

Dear Sir, I’m not writing to complain about your choice of programming languages (Visual Basic) or about the A my daughter earned in your class. I’m writing with specific suggestions for how future daughters can have a much better experience in your class than mine did. First, a little background. I’ve worked in tech journalism […]

O My!

Funny story: When I first started working at a certain international publishing company as one of only two employees in North America, I had a raging case of imposter syndrome. I was nervous as hell to be hired to help open the North American office. And I was a single mother of a 9-year-old daughter. […]